Whole House Arsenic Filters

Whole House Arsenic Filters

Remove arsenic from your household water.

Whole House Arsenic Filters

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Features & Benefits of ASM-10

  • High affinity for arsenic over other anions
  • NO arsenic dumping
  • Superior physical stability
  • Complies with FDA regulations

How Does the Ultima Arsenic system Work?

  • ResinTech ASM-10-HP is a chloride form arsenic selective hybrid anion exchange resin. ASM10-HP has hydrated iron oxide monoatomically dispersed throughout the polymer. It captures arsenic first by ion exchange and then by absorption into the iron oxide hybrid. ResinTech ASM-10-HP is intended for arsenic removal from potable water, and can also be used as an ion exchanger for removal of uranium and other trace level contaminants. water applications and has met the ANSI/ NSF 372 Lead free compliance.
  • ARSENIC REMOVAL Under ideal conditions ResinTech ASM-10 -HP will reduce 50 ppb of arsenic to less than 10 ppb for more than 500,000 gallons per cubic foot. Limiting factors are high pH, high silica concentration, and high sulfate concentration. Capacity can also be reduced by intermittant operation and various foulants, notably suspended solids.

The Auto Backwash Valve. Easy and Versatile…

  • The 1” flow-through valve meets NSF/ANSI 44 requirements. It’s ideal for larger homes because it supplies more water with less pressure drop.
  • The system’s composite material is durable and corrosion resistant.
  • Cycles are fully adjustable so setting are customized for your needs.
  • Designed with a minimum number of moving parts means easy maintenance.

Arsenic occurs naturally in rocks and soil, water, air, and plants and animals. According to the USEPA, it can be further released into the environment through natural activities such as volcanic action, erosion of rocks and forest fires, or through human actions. High arsenic levels can also come from certain fertilizers and animal feeding operations. Industry practices such as copper smelting, mining and coal burning also contribute to arsenic in our environment.

Higher levels of arsenic tend to be found more in ground water sources than in surface water sources (i.e., lakes and rivers) of drinking water. Arsenic is odorless and tasteless.

Non-cancer effects can include thickening and discoloration of the skin, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting; diarrhea; numbness in hands and feet; partial paralysis; and blindness. Arsenic has been linked to cancer of the bladder, lungs, skin, kidney, nasal passages, liver, and prostate.

EPA has set the arsenic standard for drinking water at .010 parts per million (10 parts per billion) to protect consumers served by public water systems from the effects of long-term, chronic exposure to arsenic.

It is found in two forms or species: Arsenic III & Arsenic V.

For drinking water high in arsenic, distillers can provide a reliable and consistent method to remove both of these species.

Reverse osmosis is also used but works better when the water has been pre-chlorinated or ozonated so that any Arsenic III in water has been converted to Arsenic V before the reverse osmosis system.

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